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Updated: Aug 26, 2023

1: Earliest Recipients: If the date on your CCW permit is before 12/22/2022 and you qualified without a holster, there is No Further Action Needed. Enjoy your new EDC life!#TrainEveryDay.

2. Under the wire Recipients: If the date on your CCW permit is after 12/22/2022, and before 07/18/2023 and you qualified without a holster. Due to various interpretations you may want to take your qualification over again for half the price everyone else is charging.

3. Submitted Application: If you did not qualify with a holster, check with your town and see if you need a new qualification, each town is different. We'll charge you half of what everyone else is for $125. Must show proof of submission. We don’t think its right to pay full price twice.

4. You have yet to submit your application: If you qualified without a holster, we'll charge you half of what everyone else is charging for $125. We don’t think its right to pay full price twice.

Thank you for your continued support during the COVID-19 situation.

We continue to adapt to the current reality. We have made some changes in the interest of social distancing and limited capacity, including now allowing visitors to make an online reservation to visit our facilities. Reservations are recommended but no longer required. Walk-in are now welcome and social distancing protocols are still enforced.

Once signed up you can make reservations and visit our Range, Store and School.

Step 1: Create an online account at

  • Use this pop up on home page will prompt you to create an online account.

  • Or use the icon on the top right corner to create an account or login to your existing account

  • If you are a new visitor to our website and try to make a reservation without signing up or signing into your online account you will be automatically redirected to the sign up form.

Step 2: Booking Appointments

You can book appointments from the menu labeled "Reservations" which will then give you the option to book the Range, Store or School.

*Online range reservations may be booked at any time, including on the day you wish to come and shoot. Just head to the range reservations page, schedule your time! *To book a Member's lane you must first become a member.

Book your time, then choose your package.

  • If you're a member of our range you will pick a Members Bay, if you are a Renter you will pick a Guest Bay.

  • After you pick a Bay, you must then pick a date, time and then choose a lane (aka port).

  • Lanes are labeled "Choose Staff".

  • After you make your appointment you will be prompted to pay a $10 booking fee. If you selected a Member's Port, you will be prompted to purchase a Annual or 4 Pack Range membership.

  • If you are already a member prior to the launch of our new online booking application, please call 201-735-1875 option 2 to book a reservation. The representative will be glad to link your existing membership to your online account.

Existing members if you aren't able to reserve online please contact customer service.

Once booking is complete, you will receive a confirmation email.

You can also book the Gun Store (No fee) or Schedule to take a class.

Step 3: View your online Portal:

  • The Online portal can be viewed at all times by clicking the orange icon on the top right hand corner of your screen.

From your portal you can:

  • Purchase memberships and packages and book other reservations.

  • View all your bookings

  • See all your purchase history

  • Edit and change your information (update email, home address or telephone number)

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Signup 2 Year membership and save $100-$175 on the purchase of one new GLOCK per calendar year.

In today’s market of rising prices and inventory shortages, joining the GSSF for a two-year membership makes a lot of sense.

New members get deep discounts on their favorite Glock Pistols. And, they gain immediate access to Law Enforcement firearms inventory at Long Shot (blue label program). If you have been trying to buy a firearm lately, you know finding one to buy is a huge member benefit.

The Glock Sport Shooting Foundation is Glock's select shooting league! Think of it as a friendly weekly bowling league, but for shooters.

GSSF members may sign up for any GSSF match through the United States.

Simply navigate to to buy your 2-year membership today! In a couple of days, you will get an welcome kit full of some cool Glock swag and your Blue Label Program voucher!

Direct link to registration form:

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