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Range Rules
Version 8

01. Controlled Substances: No one may enter a GUN BAY, shoot on a FIRING LINE or transport or handle a firearm on the PREMISES, under the influence of alcohol or any other controlled substance including prescription medication.


02. Shooting Alone: Each shooter must be accompanied by another shooter or observer. Only Law Enforcement or holders of Firearms ID Card may shoot alone.


03. Rental Age Requirement: 

To rent a HANDGUN or a LONG GUN a customer must be 18 years of age


04. Shooting Age Requirement: 

No idividual under the age of 10 may be allowed to shoot any firearm in the facility. Minors may only shoot with the consent of a legal guardian who completes the registration form on their behalf. Subject to our discretion.


05. Carrying of Guns and Ammunition: 

No loaded firearms may enter or exit the building. All magazines and speed loaders must be unloaded. Loaded firearms are only permitted at the firing line. Exceptions for active law enforcement only.


06. Inspection of Firearms and Ammo:

All Guns and ammunition are subject to inspection by Long Shot Staff. All guns or ammo found to be unsafe or unservicable will not be allowed into the range.




07. Maximum Shooters: 

Maximum of three shooters are allowed per lane, unless RSO chooses to reduce your party.


08. Eye and Ear Protection:  

Must be worn at all times on the range.


09.  Allowable Targets:

Only Long Shot paper targets are permitted on the range. Unauthorized targets are not permitted. Shooting at anything other than your own target is strictly prohibited.


10. Shot Selection:

No head shots for inexperienced shooters. Shots must be at least 15” below the target hangers. 


11. Holsters: 

WEARING A OR DRAWING from a holster is only permitted for Law Enforcement, active Military and Long Shot approved civilians who have successfully completed our holster drawing class or similar with a Long Shot representative.


12. Use of Safe Shoes and Shirts:  Brass is extremely hot on skin.  No open toed shoes.  No low cut shirts or tee shirts.


13. Mind your footing:  Spent brass casings will be strewn on floor underfoot.  Allow Long Shot Staff to sweep environment.



15. Use of Mobile Phones:   A dangerous  distraction, the use of mobile phones is restricted to camera function only inside the  Gun Bays. Leave the bay to talk.


16. Bringing Firearms in and out of the Range:  

All firearms must enter and leave the range in a case. No uncased firearms may leave the range.  



18. Gun Handling Rules:

a. Always keep your gun pointed down range

b. Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire

c. Always keep action open and firearm unloaded until ready to shoot

d. To leave firing line temporarily or pass your gun to another shooter, you MUST leave all firearms on bench, unloaded, with the action open and the muzzle pointing downrange. 

e. Identify your target and what is behind the target

f. Be sure gun is safe to operate prior to discharging.

g. Know how to use the gun safety

h. Use only correct ammunition for your specific gun

I. Unload, open the action, remove the magazine and bench all firearms during a cease-fire


19.  Allowable Ammunition:  

Allowable Calibers will be posted in individual shooting bays. No steel core/green tip or tracer ammo allowed. Shotguns may only shoot Slug or Buckshot. No Birdshot allowed.

20. Misfires or Malfunctions:

If you require assistance with a misfire, for a malfunction or any other reason

a. Bench firearm pointing downrange

b. Signal an RSO to come to your lane

c.  NEVER leave the firing line with a loaded or jammed firearm


21. No fast or rapid firing allowed: 

Allow at least 3 seconds between shots. 

22. Report unsafe conduct to an RSO


23.  Expulsion from Premises:   

Any VIOLATION of Range Safety Rules, or any BEHAVIOR DEEMED DANGEROUS by Long Shot will result in an immediate REPRIMAND, including up to EXPULSION from the premises.


24. NO REFUNDS: No refunds of any kind for Persons EXPELLED from the Premises.



26. Long Shot and its staff shall not be held liable for any damages incurred from use of ammunition purchased at Long Shot. Customers will have recourse to resolve any and all issues directly with the manufacturer of the product.