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Can't find the Glock you want?

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Signup 2 Year membership and save $100-$175 on the purchase of one new GLOCK per calendar year.

In today’s market of rising prices and inventory shortages, joining the GSSF for a two-year membership makes a lot of sense.

New members get deep discounts on their favorite Glock Pistols. And, they gain immediate access to Law Enforcement firearms inventory at Long Shot (blue label program). If you have been trying to buy a firearm lately, you know finding one to buy is a huge member benefit.

The Glock Sport Shooting Foundation is Glock's select shooting league! Think of it as a friendly weekly bowling league, but for shooters.

GSSF members may sign up for any GSSF match through the United States.

Simply navigate to to buy your 2-year membership today! In a couple of days, you will get an welcome kit full of some cool Glock swag and your Blue Label Program voucher!

Direct link to registration form:

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