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NJ Conceal Carry Weapon (CCW) Information


Disclaimer Not Needed: Long Shot understands NJ Law, NJAC 13:54-2.4. It has actually not changed since before June 2022. Other firearms instruction schools find it difficult to understand and warn you to take their certifications at your own risk. We make no excuses. We make guarantees.

Guaranteed Success: Follow our CCW Training Path and we GUARANTEE your CCW application will not be denied for insufficient training or testing.  No loopholes. No excuses.  This includes any future new requirements on our current law. We will provide new training and testing for FREE to all of our CCW Training Path graduates.

I want my CCW permit approval guaranteed!

Want to train and qualify under the July 18, 2023 Guidelines?

Let's Get Started!

Have my first gun. Want to start training.

Take your Beginner Pistol Class.

Upon completion, we will help you choose the right holster, based upon your firearm, handling skills and carry mindset.

Need holster training.

Take the right holster class for you.

Moving and shooting with your firearm depend on your holster craft.

If you are new to pistol shooting or have decreased mobility and want to start slower...

If you have solid pistol experience and have excellent mobility, you may want to jump right in...

Been shooting for a while, what should I be working on?

Let us watch you shoot.

Mon-Fri before 6pm, reserve some time. 

During check-in, let us know that you want to practice the qualification.


We'll give you a target, a score sheet and notify the range officer on duty.

Get immediate insight into your progress. 


Book some ...

Personal attention is also available for faster progress, if you want 

Ready to take the qualification with my holster.

If you are ready, come and get it.

The cost is $200 if this is your first time taking a NJ CCW qualification course.

The cost is $125 if you have a CCW or have taken a qualification course elsewhere. 

We want to ease the burden for those who have to pay twice for training.

Do you need to retake the qualification?

CCW Trainin Path

The CCW Training Path -
Make Time for Guaranteed Approval!

In June of 2022, the Supreme Court jumpstarted NJ's civilian CCW community. Overnight, millions read NJAC 13:54-2.4, the part of NJ's firearm law which governs how to apply for "a permit to carry a handgun." 


It provides 4 ways for applicants to certify "a thorough familiarity with the safe handling and use of a handgun"to the standards of the NJ Police Training Commission (NJ PTC).

Learn first hand what the law says.  Download and read this short pdf.

Get Expert Instruction:

All Long Shot Instructors are NJ Police Training Commission instructors, US Military Instructors, NRA Counselors or NRA Instructors.

When you have the time for a more structured approach to your firearms training.  If you do not need to expedite your application, then our CCW Training Path is for you, guaranteed!

Our training courses will build rock solid fundamentals stressing safety and perfected technique.  The marksmanship, handgun manipulation and holster training will give you the confidence and competence to carry a firearm in public.

We begin with an evaluation baseline.

Limited to groups of 4 or less, the evaluation involves dry fire, live fire and classroom time and will take 75-90 minutes.

Do you know how your firearm works?

Can you manipulate your pistol safely? (load & make ready, unload & make safe, clear malfunctions) 

How accurately can you shoot at different distances?

What to bring?

Pistol, eye and ear protection. One box of ammo.  If you have them, bring your holster, mag pouches and belt.

What is the price?

$50 which is given back to you when you pass your CCW Qualification Course, as a school gift card.


A copy of your written baseline evaluation is provided to you, with courses recommended for you to pass your CCW qualification with holster.

Our Guarantee:

When you successfully complete your Training Path courses, and the shooting qualification, Long Shot guarantees your CCW application will not be rejected due to your training and certifications.

No Loopholes.  No excuses. This includes future new guidance requirements on our current law. 


We will provide new training and testing for FREE.

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