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Updated CCW
Qualification Course

Per the July 18, 2023 Guidelines

Includes both the 

Shooting Qualification and

the Use of Force Training for Civilians


ATTENTION:  $125 price is for those CCW holders and submitted applicants who have decided they want to update their current certifications per the 07/18/2023 Guidelines. 


Long Shot recognizes that for many applicants, who were certified elsewhere without a holster, the Guidelines represent an inconvenience, as well as, additional training and expense. 


Welcoming students from other schools, Long Shot wants to ease that burden by providing the updated certification course 4x per week at 50% savings, compared to other school's prices.

Before class begins, these students will need to show proof that they have already taken a qualification course elsewhere (signed course certificate) or show their CCW permit, to be updated at their local P.D.

Are You Ready for the Updated Qualification Course?

Remember that you will need to demonstrate your thorough familiarity with the safe handling and operation of your firearm, before being certified to carry in public.

You should know how to load and make ready, unload and make safe, change magazines and clear common malfunctions. These skills, in addition to scoring 80% precision or better on your target, drawing from a holster, shooting with 1 and 2 hands, in various positions, at different distances, under time limits.

This qualification is not to be taken lightly. It will demand that most people put in the time and effort to develop meaningful skills which they may need to call upon in a defensive situation while carrying.

Come train with the best CCW instructors.  Each Long Shot instructor is certified by the NJ Police Training Commission, US Military, or the NRA as a Counselor or Instructor.  

Long Shot Pistol and Rifle sets the standard for CCW certifications in New Jersey.  Every one of our students has had their application approved.  Not one has been denied for lack of training.  Period.  

Class structure:

At the beginning of class:  Long Shot will

• Verify your proof of previous qualification (If applicable, for $125 price.)

• Inspect your equipment, to ensure you have everything you need, and it complies with all safety and training policies.


• Review the syllabus and course of fire.

Updated Qualification Course Includes: 

• Dry fire review of gun manipulation techniques and holster craft.  This will be performed in the classroom before live fire on the range.


• Pistol qualification as per the July 18, 2023 Guidelines.  

Those who PASS the qualification, will be given

•  The Use Of Force Interim Training for Private Citizens Concealed Carry.


This course satisfies all training requirements for the New Jersey Concealed Carry Permit application, per the July 18, 2023 Guidelines.


• Drivers License, NJ FID and proof of ownership of firearm being used for the Qualification.


• Personal firearm (pistol or revolver).


• 50 rounds of factory loaded ammo.  Reloads not allowed.

• Two magazines and one magazine holder / pouch, minimum, for pistols.


• Sturdy belt designed specifically for training or everyday carry.


Note: Typical leather belts will be too flimsy and deemed unacceptable.

• Holster. Must be strong Kydex holster or similar.


Note:  Leather holsters must be reviewed by your instructor, at least 3 days prior to qualification.


This will provide you time to purchase a new holster, if your leather holster is deemed unacceptable.


No cancellations within 3 days of class.

If you cancel 3 full days before your class, you will receive school credit for full value paid, towards another course of your choosing.  Expires in 1 year.  Not transferrable.

Cancellations accepted only if sent via email to


If you reschedule less than 3 full days prior to your class, you will be assessed a $50 rebooking fee.

If you reschedule, 3 full days prior to your class, you can be rescheduled to either of the next two class dates available.

Rescheduling requests accepted only if sent via email to



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