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25 yard range

Who Can Shoot?

Any visitor to Long Shot can shoot in GSSF shooting matches. You must first join the league on the official website (use button below) or at check-in on the event day. 

It costs you $35 for the year and you get a bundle of member benefits including a coupon worth up to $150 off your next Glock.

Can I Rent Guns to Compete?

Yes.  Whether you are traveling and don't have your guns.  Been waiting to try the new Glock model.  Or simply don't own a gun yet and want to dive right in.  You can rent any Glock model in inventory for for $25 the day of the competition.

How Many Guns Can I Shoot?

How much energy do you have?  You can enter multiple guns in any division, and you can enter multiple divisions.  Remember to bring a box of 50 rounds for each gun you will compete with.

There is an entry fee of $25 for the first gun and $15 for every gun thereafter, for each match day. 

And, for every gun you shoot on two match days, remember that you get another FREE Raffle entry to win a brand new Glock.

The season is getting underway.  Sign up today.

What Is the Course of Fire?
(And, when can I practice?)

You will shoot at two targets, each at different distances, for a total of 50 shots.  The first target you will shoot at 7, 15 and 5 yards, with 5, 5 and 10 bullets, respectively, and then change to a fresh target.  The second target you will shot at 7, 15 and 25 yards, with 10, 10 and10 bullets.

Practice by yourself anytime you want at Long Shot or Friday nights with other competitors.  Competition days we start practice at 5:30pm and go to 6:30pm for competitors who pre-registered.  The range time and judge is on the house, you pay for your targets and your own ammo.

Which Glock Models May I Shoot?
(How Are Divisions Organized?)

You can shoot every Glock model in a GSSF event, except for the G36.

Shooting is organized into 5 divisions as follows. 

- Stock Division
- Pocket Division
- Rimfire Division
- MOS Division
- Unlimited Division

Please use button to download official GSSF league rules. The indoor shooting begins on page 46.

Tournament Details



The Tournament of Champions is the season ending tournament to crown a Grand Champion from among all the regular season divisional match winners.

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