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25 yard range


Make Friends. Shoot More. Get Better.

You must be a member of the GSSF to shoot with us. 

You can join the nation's largest league directly on their website or

in person at Long Shot during shooting day check-in.

Each match is comprised of 3 shooting dates. You may shoot all 3 and choose your best 2 performances, or shoot the minimum of 2. 


Every competitor that completes at least 2 shooting days will be entered into a FREE raffle for a NEW GLOCK PISTOL.

A shooter may compete in multiple divisions.

A shooter may enter any division with multiple guns.

Only the first gun used in each division counts towards official scoring.


$25 Registration fee for first gun. $15 for each additional gun.

Earn 1 chance to win a free gun for each gun shot at least two times.

After Registering, let us know...

Help us prepare a better Match Experience for all!

Thanks for submitting!


GLOCK firearms are considered to be "stock" if all firearm components are or ever have been available from GLOCK, Inc.

Examples of additional allowable modifications include,

• "Hogue-Grip" type sleeves, "A-Grip" panels, "skateboard tape" or other            grip enhancing materials that do not materially alter the function of the              stock firearm,

•  Slide and barrel stripping and/or refinishing,

•  Pearce Grip, Inc. grip extenders only on subcompact and slim line models

•  Aftermarket replacement non-metallic base plates on magazines

•  Post and notch sights excluding any sight requiring slide modifications.

•  Fiber optic and express sights are approved.  

Any combination of GLOCK produced firearm parts that do not, in the sole opinion of the Range Master, result in a significant competitive advantage in the stock division may be approved.


Noe: this division doesn't qualify for special recognition patches,

"500 or 250 Club".

The following modifications will necessitate placement of the firearm in the Unlimited Class:

•  Any non-post and notch sights including, but not limited to, "Ghost Ring"          or laser, electronic and optical sights.

•  Wrap-around "grip sleeves" on magazines

•  Aftermarket component parts and barrels

•  Recoil spring guide/recoil reducer assemblies

•  Aftermarket extended slide stop levers

•  Firing pins (modified/aftermarket)

•  Connectors (modified/aftermarket)

•  Metallic magazine well "funnels" or "slugs"

•  Lights or other barrel weights


Any modification deemed by the Range Master to create an unfair competitive advantage, will also necessitate placement of your firearm in the Unlimited Class.


The Rimfire Division is for GLOCK model 44. Rimfire Division entries qualify for the "500 Club" special recognition patch. If the GLOCK 44 is modified in any way it cannot be shot in the GSSF Indoor Series. 


Does not qualify for the 500 Club but does qualify for the 250 Club special recognition patch.

This division is for the G42 and G43 only. 

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