Welcome to New Jersey's Premier Firearms Instructional School. Located in Secaucus, NJ, inside Hudson County's indoor gun range, Long Shot features 20 shooting lanes, 4 teaching class rooms and 12 NRA instructors, to serve the Northern NJ and NYC metro area.  Just 3 miles from the Lincoln Tunnel. Don't be fooled. No one is better, bigger or closer.


CCW Training

The Supreme Court has given us back our Constitutional right to conceal carry in our everyday lives.

As we, New Jerseyans, begin to exercise this right in record numbers, Long Shot is providing its brand of leadership to its CCW Students, the 2A community and the general public to achieve the best outcomes for all. 

Our philosophy is to develop your skill set and mind set so you can holster a gun and walk in our public streets with confidence and competence.​


We emphasize a structured training path to teach fundamental principles first and then build upon them.  

Graduating Long Shot CCW Students will study NJ Firearms Laws, learn safe gun handling principles, train to shoot with both hands and draw from a holster.

You will train knowing that with Long Shot's GUARANTEE you are getting the right certifications for your CCW Application. The only one in the industry.  Read more information below.

If a structured training path sounds right for you, take the necessary first step to become a Long Shot CCW Student, sign up for your personal evaluation today! 

Experienced Shooters
Perhaps you are an experienced shooter and just need the Shooting Qualification for your application?  We give them seven days a week. Book yours today! 

Then continue training with your gun and holster by joining the community of defensive pistol shooters training at Long Shot.  Raise your situational response levels and have more fun while doing it.  Learn to use cover and concealment to your advantage.  Train in the tactics of self defense. 

Speak with one of our lead instructors how to get involved after your Shooting Qualification.   


Long Shot CCW Student and Range Member Special Benefits

After your CCW Evaluation, if you become a CCW Student and follow the training path to completion, Long Shot will review your CCW application for completeness before submission and we will notarize your SP 642 application form, free of charge.

If you are also a BYOG Range Member, we will write you a unique, personal letter of recommendation for you to submit to your Chief of Police with your application.  It will detail the content of your structured training path and summarize your live fire training during your entire range membership. 


This one page summary will distinguish your application for its thoroughness, providing them with the chance to understand the level of your commitment, and how by legal statute you've demonstrated "thorough familiarity with safe gun handling and operation."

WE GUARANTEE we won't stop supporting your CCW application.  At Long Shot, we are committed to helping our students achieve their conceal carry goal. 

If a Long Shot CCW Student's application is denied due to a specific deficiency of one of our classes' curriculum in meeting the instructional standard for which it was included in a CCW Student's training path, Long Shot will immediately contact the competent authority to determine the nature of the deficiency; and once duly informed of the nature of the deficiency, will immediately adopt and effect all necessary curriculum modifications to the class. 

Moreover, if in Long Shot's sole opinion, it is a deficiency of the adequateness of the class and not one due to a revised interpretation of an existing requirement, or a newly added requirement, it will offer the Long Shot CCW Student the choice to attend the new, modified training on any one of three different class dates free of charge.


* If the denying Chief of Police or County Assignment Judge is not responsive to Long Shot's request for information via phone calls, emails and USPS Mail,  Long Shot may not be able to "cure" the deficiency, in which case it will not be responsible to take any further action on behalf of the applicant, to rectify any specific deficiency in the curriculum of one of our classes or in his application. 

Here are the CCW centric classes we offer.

(b1) Firearms training courses substantially equivalent to the firearms training approved by the Police commission

Holster 1, 2 and Tactical Pistol 1

(b2) Recent handgun qualification exam, consisting of 60 rounds day / 40 rounds night shooting, following all holster, stances, strings of fire and time stressors subtantially equivalent to that of the NJ Police Training Commission's 100 round qualfications.

(b3) Completed course with test in the safe handling of a handgun administered by NRA Certified Instructor.

(b4) Passage of a test in this State's laws governing the use of force administered by a certified instructor of a police academy, a certified instructor by the NRA, or any other recognized certified firearms instructor.

Here is what the application process.

the AG guideline

the 13:42-2.4 see (a) (b) and (c)

see Use of Force law self, other and premises and personal property

See PDF of HQC1 and HNTC


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