Weekly Stock Alert!

September 13 - 19

Week 37

WEEK 38 IMGS.jpg



Caliber: 9mm
Color: Black

One of the premier polymer framed striker fire pistols available on the market.

WEEK 38 IMGS2.jpg

Glock 45 MOS


Caliber: 9mm
Color: Black


A hybrid pistol featuring the grip module of the Glock 17 paired with the slide length of the Glock 19. 

The MOS cutout on the slide allows you to ass a reflex sight right out of the box!

Radical Firearms RF-15



Caliber: 5.56
Color: Black


The Radical Arms RF-15 is the perfect
entry level AR platform rifle, with this
great low price you can easily pair this
rifle up with the optics and accessories
you need to stay on target!

WEEK 38 IMGS4.jpg

Black Aces Tactical
Pro Series X


Caliber: 12 Gauge
Color: Black

An excellent option as a home defense shotgun. Includes ghost ring sights, which are great for accurate shooting!