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You must be a member of The Open League to compete.

You may join during check in on the day of the event or anytime when you come to the range.
Open League Annual Membership is $50.

Match registration fee for your first gun is $50. $30 for each gun thereafter.

Each match is comprised of 2 shooting sessions; one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. Competitors must shoot both sessions to qualify for scoring.

Each competitor must bring 100 rounds of ammo for each gun entry.

A shooter may compete in multiple divisions.

Shooters may shoot their own firearms or rent one of ours.

Every division is eligible for a 500 club patch.

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The Open League
Rules and Regulations

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To qualify for the stock division, the gun must be in "out of the factory" box condition.

Any gun that is not in a "out of the factory" box condition, must shoot in the Modified Division.



All revolvers, excluding .22 caliber and the 500, are to compete in this divison.

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