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Israeli Combat Pistol (ICS 1)

"Learn to Shoot like Israeli/ IDF Special Forces Operators" 



Course length:   
4 HOURS, Arrive at 08:30am
Class Starts at 9am
Course ends by 1:00pm


Minimum 7, Maximum 14


1.    PASS Long Shots Holster Drawing class
2.    Or Be A Current Law Enforcement officer


Learn the Israeli Combat Shooting Method hands-on with former IDF Special Operations Instructor.
ICS is the Israeli method of Tactical Point Shooting. It is regarded as a tactical response method and incorporates all necessary progressive battlefield tactical thinking molded into a set of instinctive actions and reactions.


•    Simple and easy to learn and fully adaptable.
•    Enhances body mechanics and muscle memorization.
•    Prepares the trainee to deal with unexpected situations instinctively.
•    Very fast and useful techniques for CQB/C.
•    Trains the operator to work alone.
•    Elevates self confidence with weapon handling.
•    Innovative and unique training methods.
•    Releases the operator of complex thinking under stress.


(Bring your own)
1.    Handgun (semi-automatic or revolver)  
2.    Bring a Holster and Shooting Built. (A Strong Quality Holster with two magazine holders.)
3.    Eyes and Ears Protection
4.    300 rounds of ammunition 
5.    Buy a Bundle of 300 Rounds for $60.00



SHOOTING Certification:

Pass/Fail at the discretion of the instructor.

Albert is a veteran Israeli Special Operations Group, and a world class Tactical and Combat Shooting Instructor.  He brings over 20 years of active service in special operations with tactical and security training from various duties he carried along his career.  He served as an undercover operator in one of the IDF's (Israeli Defense Forces) Counter Terrorism special units, Police S.W.A.T. unit, tactical firearms and operational (SWAT) instructor at the Israeli National Police Academy.


Upcoming Classes:
Long Shot Pistol and Rifle, 375 County Avenue, Secaucus, NJ 07094
Inquire online or at 201.735.1875

Sunday March 31st

Thursday April 4th

Sunday April 7th

Thursday April 11th


Class Schedules Continue Every Thursday and Sunday of Every month

Class times 9:00 am - 1:00pm