1. Who may shoot?

US citizens, foreign residents, foreign students and foreign tourists of a certain age ( please see below)

2. Is a gun license necassary to shoot?

NO. The State of New Jersey does not require a Gun License, or ownership of a gun to shoot at a gun range.

3. What type of photo ID must I show to use the range?

In order to use our facility you must provide photo ID in the form of a valid Driver's License or Non-Driver ID card issued by anyone of the 50 States in the Union, or a Valid US Passport. Foreign residents, students or tourists must show Long Shot a valid passport. None of the following will be accepted: -Student ID Cards -Foreign Driver's License -Foreign ID Cards

4. I am from a different country. May I still shoot at your range?

Yes, Long Shot welcomes visitors from all over the world, as long as you meet the identification requirements above.

5. Am I able to shoot or take a course if I have a phyiscal limitation or disability?

Long Shot is in full compliance with American with Disabilities Act. Our building is designed to provide compliant access throughout. However, Long Shot has the right and responsibility to make an assessment and decision, on a case by case basis, to preserve the safety and security of our guests and staff.

6. What is the minimum age requirement for a shooter to use the range?

The shooter must be at least 10 years of age and be accompanied by a parent.

7. What is the minimum age requirement to rent a gun?

18 years old to rent a long gun. 21 years old to rent a gun.

8. I am a total beginner. What must I do to be able to shoot?

All first-time shooters must fill out a 4-page registration form and waiver. Then they must attend a mandatory safety class led by a member of our RSO staff, where they will learn the basics of safe gun handling and operation.

9. May I shoot my own firearm?

If you have a firearms ID card, can provide proof of ownership for a NJ legal firearm that conforms to our ammunition caliber rules (please, see below), and are willing to submit your firearm to physical inspection, then yes, Long Shot may allow you to shoot your own firearm.

10. May I shoot alone?

You may shoot alone if you have aFID and bring your own NJ legal gun. If you are a renter you must bring a buddy to accompany you inside the range. They may shoot or simply observe.

11. What is the maximum number of people that may shoot per port?

There is a maximum of three people per port.

12. Who may draw from a holster?

Only Law Enforcement, Military and civilians passing a Long Shot course and proficiency test may draw from a holster and shoot at Long Shot.

13. What kind of ammunition is allowed?

Our backstops are rated by the Muzzle Velocity and bullet composition. Rifle lanes calibers up to 3,600 FPS muzzle speed allowed. Pistol lanes calibers up to 2,000 FPS muzzle speed allowed. Consult with out customer service team if you're not sure if you're ammo is allowed. All ammo brought into the range is subject to inspection. No steel core, tracer, AP, black powder or .50 caliber BMG allowed.

14. If I am shooting in a port and need ammo what do I do?

You may continue shooting while your shooting buddy informs the Range Safety Officer that you are going to purchase more ammo. If you're shooting buddy is a minor (not allowed to buy our ammo), you must both exit the firing line, leaving the unloaded weapon in the port, with the muzzle pointed down range and the slide locked back, and let the RSO know you are going to purchase more ammo.

15. Do you offer private lessons?

Yes. By appointment only. You must call and speak with Operations Manager, Josh Marsella in order to discuss experience, requirements and course/ lesson structure.

16. Do you have a dress code?

Dress to protect your skin fom Brass Casings which are very hot. Comfortable pants (jeans, khakis) and long sleeve shirts (T-Shirts, Under Armor) are recommended. No open toed shoes/sandals. No low cut shirts, tank tops, A shirts, for men or women.