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Why Northern New Jersey Needs More Gun Ranges Hudson County is Leading the Way

Why Northern New Jersey Needs More Gun Ranges_ Hudson County is Leading the Way



If you live in Northern Jersey and want to find a local shooting range, you may find it unnecessarily difficult.


Many residents want to learn how to use firearms or practice their skills, but can't find a gun range close by. For this reason, Northern New Jersey has a lot to gain by adding new gun ranges to the area. Hudson County is currently leading the way as far as accessible gun ranges are concerned, and we hope their example will inspire other counties to follow.


Firearm Education and Safety
Firearms are tools for sport and personal protection, so as long as you utilize them the correct way you can have fun and be safe. If you use them the wrong way, there will likely be consequences.
However, a lack of gun ranges makes it difficult for people to practice the needed skills to handle and operate firearms safely, so continuous training is imperative. By having a gun range, more communities and more residents will have a secure place to train with confidence and peace of mind.


Safety and Personal Protection
People need a fast response when an emergency occurs. Unfortunately, the police can take an average of 10 minutes to respond to a call, depending on your location. However, in a place like New York City, police can take as quick as 4.8 minutes to arrive to the scene.


While 4.8 minutes is a fast response time, in a state of emergency, this can still feel like an eternity. If someone tries to breaks into your home or assault you, each second counts. Knowing how to use a firearm to protect yourself and the people you love could be the difference between life and death.
Promote Firearm Rights
People fear who and what they don't know, and this applies to firearms as well.  As a result, New Jersey has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, but this still doesn't mean we can't promote lawful gun ownership and related hobbies to more people.


To attract more newcomers to firearms training, today's modern facilities offer large, well lit, inviting spaces for friends and families to enjoy. These facilities are boasting of cafeterias, TV lounges, apparel, and accessories in addition to their gun stores and firing lines. Many of these gun ranges have the look and feel of a shopping mall.
By adding more of gun ranges in Northern New Jersey, non-shooters can see for themselves that firearms are safe when used properly, and perhaps more importantly, that those who frequent them law-abiding citizens just like them.
Adding more shooting ranges to Northern New Jersey is a powerful step towards ensuring public safety and promoting gun rights. Having more ranges will allow the public to have safe places to learn and use firearms so that they can protect themselves and others.
If you would like to schedule a visit to a local gun range in Hudson County, contact us today!