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Instructional Courses for Every Shooter

If you are just getting started and want to enhance your skills, you may be wondering which National Rifle Association courses you should try. Here is a short list of some of the most important courses:

NRA Basics of Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun Shooting Courses
If you don't have much or any experience with holding or shooting pistols or long guns and would like to learn, an NRA Basics of Shooting Series is a great place to start. All NRA Basics courses offer classroom instruction to first introduce key safety and operation concepts, then follow them up with live fire practice in the gun range.

Certified instructors will teach you how to load, hold, aim and fire your firearm in controlled and safe environments.
The goal of the NRA Basics Shooting Courses Series is to impart the right knowledge, skills and attitude to each student so that they are confident in their abilities to handle their firearm of choice safely and properly.

NRA Personal Protection In-the-Home and Personal Protection Outside-the-Home
With the NRA Personal Protection Series of Courses, you will learn what it takes to defend yourself and your family, in and out of your home. Through this short series, you will learn about your rights as a law-abiding citizen to use a firearm in defense of self and family.  You will train how to detect, avoid, and de-escalate dangerous confrontations.
These courses will prepare you mentally and physically to use a deadly force when warranted. This could be a difficult and serious situation for sure, but every responsible gun-owner should prepare for it. Fortunately, the NRA provides some very meaningful leadership on this subject.
Tactical Defense Series of Classes
The NRA Basics of Shooting and NRA Personal Protection series will teach you the fundamental building blocks necessary to move onto more advanced marksmanship and/or tactical defense skills.
When you feel ready to explore different areas of firearms and shooting, there are many opportunities to continue your instructional training. Perhaps you would like to become more proficient in competition skills like shooting at stationary targets from a holster. Then, the Holster Drawing and Intermediate Handgun Techniques courses could be right for you.
On the other hand, you may want to more seriously train with your handgun, rifle or shotgun on how to move and defend yourself tactically in different situations. Then you should check out our other Tactical Defense Series courses, which have been designed from a NJ Police Training Commission perspective.
Whether a beginner or an experienced shooter, taking courses from the best qualified shooting instructors around will yield immediate improvement to your skill set and mind set.
If you are ready to take a class, contact us today for more information.