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How Young is Too Young to Bring Your Children to the Gun Range

How Young is Too Young to Bring Your Children to the Gun Range


A recent poll revealed that one-third of parents fear for their children's safety at school. We know that protecting your family at home and away from school is a top priority for you. You've been training with firearms for some time and have now begun to wonder if your children might be old enough to join you at the local gun range. The following tips will point you in the right direction and let you make the best choice for you and your family.


Range Age Requirements
No matter how skilled your children are, planning a trip to any range without looking at the rules is a mistake. Each New Jersey gun range has its own policies; among them age requirements for those who want to shoot. Check the website of the range you want to use to find minimum ages. In addition to searching online, you can also call the range and ask about other rules, such as if minors must be accompanied by a parent or any responsible adult.


Your Children's Maturity Level
Your children's maturity level plays a vital role in deciding whether or not it's safe for you to bring them to the gun range on your next visit. Safely shooting a gun requires certain levels of discipline and maturity. Only you can decide if your children are mature enough to handle the responsibility. Those who enter a gun range must be aware of their surroundings at all times. If they shoot on the firing line, they must pay close attention to the task at hand, to safeguard everyone's safety. If you believe your children can follow rules and be serious about safety, you may decide it's time for their first visit to the local shooting range.


Your Children's Knowledge Level
Before people of any age are allowed on the firing line, it is vital they understand how to safely operate a firearm to minimize the danger to themselves and those around them. Make sure to review the principles of firearm safety with your children at home and at the gun range, prior to picking up a firearm. Additionally, It is essential that parents expose their children to firearms to gauge their individual comfort levels. Consider an education demonstration for your children on how to load and fire a small caliber firearm, like a .22 pistol or rifle. Pay attention to their levels of attention and knowledge retention. Watch their body language and facial reactions closely. After shooting the single round with your children you may want to take the next step of loading more rounds into the magazine, and build their involvement naturally from there. Don't forget to reach out to your range safety officers for questions or additional guidance.


Final Thoughts
Taking your children to a public shooting range can be a great way to bond and develop their self-confidence at a young age. Mastering an important and "grown up" skill-set can do that for children. It remains, however, the parents' primary responsibility to prepare their children mentally with the correct mindset and physically with basic safe handing knowledge. Once prepared, you can look forward to years with your children, developing their skills and confidence, and guiding them through a wonderful shared hobby.