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Celebrate America's Freedom at Your Local Gun Range

Celebrate America's Freedom at Your Local Gun Range

There is no better time to celebrate America's freedom than during the month of July. As Independence Day rolls by, your local shooting range makes it easy for you to appreciate the hard won freedom of owning and training with your firearms.

Here are just a few ways how:

Improve Your Techniques

At your local gun range, you can learn how to draw from a holster, get professional instruction to improve your aim, or just spend a few hours enjoying a hobby as you train the skills that may one day save lives. Join your law enforcement officers and military service members in actively training.  Become a responsible, upstanding member of your local firearms enthusiast community. Continue to protect the freedom that our forefathers fought so hard to establish.

Pass Down Valuable Lessons

Shooting a gun is about far more than self-defense. Over the years, firearm training has taught people valuable lessons that apply to everyday life. Parents can use their time at the firing range with their young teens as an opportunity to teach them important lessons that build self-confidence and a sense of civic responsibility.

Step Into Your Fathers' Shoes

Sometimes, you have to walk in someone else's shoes to truly understand their sacrifices. At the gun range, you may better appreciate the tremendous effort that our military members, past and present, put into firearms training every day. Whether or not you hope to achieve their same level of skill, you will walk away from the gun range with a better understanding of the sacrifices that others have made for America.

What can be more American than exercising your fundamental freedoms throughout your summer holidays. As you make plans to enjoy this season, be sure to include a trip to your local shooting range to improve your skills while reconnecting with those that came before you.